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Docklands Driving Lesson Program for Learner Drivers

All driver training programs in Docklands comes with the best service in the market which caters for individual learning program  and diversity.

Monday to Friday from  8am  - 5pm.. On first lesson student need to pay £21 plus £21 advance.

Stage 1

Price List - click Here

Hello Noel,

I like to take this opportunity to thank you for the efforts taken to transform my rough driving into smooth and skilled driving.

Today I feel it was worth going for intensive course with you and all the hard work for three weeks paid off and I passed the driving test in first attempt itself.

Honestly, I found it difficult to drive on roads here initially obeying the rules on the road. But as I started taking lessons with you, my driving improved significantly.

I loved your unique way of teaching and continuous efforts to help learn skills to drive.  

Once again I thank you and wish you success in future.


Mangesh Karekar.

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